Why would I stay when you're pushing me away. When you're tearing us apart. When you're breaking my heart. Why would I go when you're the only love I know. When you're the only love I need. When you're the only love for me. Why would I try when at night I still cry. And you don't … Continue reading Question:

Just a poem 

Smiling like everything's perfect. Wondering if you're actually worth it. Feeling broken beyond repair.   Missing a love that was never there. Wanting a passion that doesn't exist. Asking for a touch. Begging for a kiss. Remembering all that you promised me. Knowing that we could never be. 

A Letter to a Broken Heart

She Is Enough

I know you’re devastated. You are about to go through one of the biggest changes of your life. You are going to try to resist it with everything in you, but it’s going to happen. You can’t escape this.

You are going to be scared. You will be scared of what your life will look like not loving him. You will be scared of losing that feeling he gave you and everything that you built up together. There is so much history behind your love, admiration, and friendship with him. You will be afraid of letting all that slip through your fingers. The thought of being strangers and living life separate from one another is unbearable.

You are going to keep denying it. You’ll look for any reason to hold on to the hope that things might not really be changing. You’ll replay your relationship in your mind over and…

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